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2021 UWW Junior and Senior Nationals

Coralville, IA

04/30/2021 - 05/02/2021


- Attractive wooden plaques and/or medals to the top eight (8) place winners in each style, in each weight class.
- Outstanding Wrestler awards will be presented in each style.

USA Wrestling will be paying the following amounts for Senior Nationals

Senior Nationals: $500 to Champion*

*If there are fewer than 3 athletes entered at any weight, there will not be a bonus paid.

Questions - feel free to contact Cody Bickley



Bill Farrell Award

Given to the top two (2) teams based on cumulative points of ONE (1) TOP SCORER IN EACH IN WEIGHT CLASS across all three (3) styles. 

Points will be accumulated based on the teams top scorer's individual placement points. 

1st: 25 pts.

2nd: 20 pts.

3rd: 15 pts.

4th: 12 pts.

5th: 9 pts.

6th: 7 pts.

7th: 5 pts.

8th: 2 pts

Top 6 place winners in each weight class. Example 1st place athletes receive 25 points. Perfect score would be 450. If there is a tie the team winner will be determined by the most first place athletes over all 18 weight classes.