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2021 US Marine Corps Junior & 16U Nationals

Fargo, ND

07/16/2021 - 07/23/2021

Event Venue

Fargo Dome
1800 N University Dr
Fargo, ND 58102

Event Director

Pete Isais

 PLEASE NOTE! Wrestlers wishing to participate in this event MUST follow state procedures. Contact your USA Wrestling State Director for information on qualification procedures for your state.

Click here and then click on your state to find State Director's contact information.


Automatic qualifiers at the 50th Annual USA Wrestling Junior & 16U National Championships, will be granted to the top 4 at all USA Wrestling regionals (placement must be in the same age and style), and top 8 in the UWW U15 Nationals, UWW Cadet Nationals and UWW Junior Nationals (placement must be in same style).



All athletes who meet age group requirements, any existing state qualifying procedures and are current members of USA Wrestling are eligible to participate (see Qualification information below). USA Wrestling Age-Level National Championships shall be limited to U.S. citizens, residents, or students with an F1 visa, and athletes who live in a bordering nation who attend(ed) a U.S. school in the current or previous school year. 


Athletes MUST present proof of current USA Wrestling Membership Card (actual card or photo copy) at registration AND weigh-ins. If you do not have a copy of your USA Wrestling Membership Card, please contact your State Membership Director prior to the event. It is mandatory that you provide your USA Wrestling Membership Card Number when participating at all USA Wrestling events in order for your results to be correctly linked to your profile for the U.S. Future Olympian Rankings (click HERE for more information) and the Kids National Team website (click HERE for more information). USA Wrestling Athlete Membership Cards can be acquired from the State Chairperson or State Membership Director of the contestant's state of residence or online (click HERE). Secondary sports accident insurance is provided as a benefit of membership.


JUNIOR DIVISION: Athletes shall be considered eligible to compete in Junior Division competitions if he/she is currently attending high school, or participating in a program considered by the State's Department of Education to be fulfilling the athlete's requirements for graduation from an accredited high school program, or if a summer event, attended high school, or participated in a program considered by the State's Department of Education to be fulfilling the athlete's requirements for graduation from an accredited high school program the Spring semester just prior to the summer event. In addition, the athlete has only four consecutive years to compete in the Junior Division once his/her class begins the ninth grade. Only wrestlers born September 1, 2001 and later who were enrolled in grades 9-12 during the 2021 spring semester are eligible. No wrestler who was enrolled in 8th grade during the 2021 spring semester will be allowed to enter. Any such wrestler who enters or competes will be penalized by forfeiting his/her eligibility in the next year's event in both styles.


16U (cadet) DIVISION: Only wrestlers born in 2005-2006 are eligible.


In cases where USA Wrestling offers the same age and style regional*/national championships for both genders, female athletes shall only be eligible for competition in the female tournament.

*= A festival held at a regional championships does not meet criteria.


Transgender Policy

USA Wrestling deems it necessary to ensure, insofar as possible, that transgender athletes are not excluded from the opportunity to participate in wrestling competitions. As such, USA Wrestling’s Gender Policy is based on the results and guidelines of the IOC actions.

Please read the transgender policy document in its entirety in order to understand the guidelines USA Wrestling follows in regards to transgender athletes competing at USA Wrestling events. 


For state specific qualifications, please contact your state chairperson. Contact information for all state chairpersons can be found by clicking HERE