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2020 Senior Nationals

Coralville, IA

10/08/2020 - 10/11/2020

Event Venue

Xtream Arena & GreenState Family
200 E 9th St
Coralville, IA 52241

Event Director

Christina Hargrove

The event will be conducted following the requirements of the state and local health authorities, as well as using the safety provisions of the USA Wrestling Return to Events Guidelines. The local organizing committee is in regular communication with its partners at Johnson County public health and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. USA Wrestling and the local organizers will monitor data and local trends closely leading up to the event.

Below are procedures and guidelines that are in accordance with the safety provisions of the USA Wrestling Operational Plan in the Return to Events Guidelines. 




Pre-Event Procedures:

  • Online Pre-Registration will be available until Monday, October 5th @ 7pm. See registration tab for more info.  
    • Weight, Style and Team name can be updated through the registration link up until online pre-registration closes.
    • Once online pre-registration closes on Monday, Late online registration will open. There will be not be on-site late registration. The deadline to do this is Thursday, October 8th @ 7pm. See registration tab for more info.  
  • Late registration will be conducted online and will only be available after the pre-registration deadline up until weigh-ins. Please have your USAW Athlete Membership card, this must be completed online through the registration system. NO ONSITE REGISTRATION.
  • Admission Tickets and Coaches Pass will be sold online only.
    • Online sales will be open before and during the tournament so that those who still need to purchase these items may do so.
    • An individual/families who did not purchase tickets prior to the event will be asked to purchase their tickets online prior to getting in the admission line.
  • Communication methods (email, social media, newsletters…etc.) will be practiced before and/or after the event to ensure social distancing, personal hygiene and other mitigating infection procedures for the event.
  • Please have Personal Protective Equipment supplies ready for the event as a backup plan: Gloves, Face coverings and/or Face Shields, Hand Sanitizer and Gym Wipes. MASK ARE REQUIRED IN THE VENUE!
  • Please keep in mind, mats will not be available for practice times the day before the event. Doors will open 1-2 hours before the first session starts.
  • People should not congregate prior to the event and should stay in cars until right before doors open and should avoid other groups that are leaving the venue from the prior session. Athletes, spectators and staff, should quickly exit after the event and go directly to their cars without congregating with other athletes or spectators in common areas.
  • Be alert for symptoms. Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19. If you are not feeling well, experiencing symptoms or may be at a higher risk for getting very sick, we recommend you stay home and watch the live stream through Flo Wrestling. 
  • Follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop.

During Event Procedures: MASK ARE REQUIRED IN THE VENUE!

  • As you arrive on-site, event entrances into the venue will be separate for athletes, coaches’ and spectators. Each entry way will be labeled “Athlete Check-in”, “Coach Check-in”, and “Spectator Check-in”. 
  • Every athlete must come to athlete check in area before entering the weigh-ins, making it one of our first interactions and potential points of exposure with them. Our goals here will be to disperse the crowds and group gatherings to minimize the potential for person-to-person contact for participants and spectators
  • Every person entering the venue will be subject to a daily screening (Athletes, Coaches, Spectators, Staff, Officials, Medical, Media…etc.) This will include a temperature check as well as an event questionnaire form. PLEASE PRINT AND FILL OUT THE EVENT QUESTIONAIRE FORM IN ADVANCE. Once the temperature check comes back and the form is properly filled out and signed, you may enter into the venue. 
    • Anyone with a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will be escorted a controlled medical area where the medical director can do an evaluation of their symptoms.
  • Signage to direct traffic flow around the venue to maintain social distancing.
    • Floor markings to be taped, showing 6 ft. of space from the table each volunteer is stationed at and spacing between athletes waiting for competition.
    • Athletes, coaches and spectators will be expected to ensure 6 ft. between themselves and any others waiting.
    • Flyers encouraging social distancing, COVID 19 symptoms, self-monitoring instructions, infection prevention and personal hygiene. 
  • One (1) coach will be allowed to sit in the athlete’s corner throughout the duration of the match.
    • That coach must be a current Wrestling Leader and must wear their coaching credential visible to both the mat official and the table.
    • Coaches will also be required to wear a face covering at all times in the venue.
  • Athlete to wipe themselves down with their own personal towels/wipes before the match, in between periods and after the match.
  • Athletes will not be allowed to shake hands before or after the match.
  • When athletes are not competing, they will be required to wear a face covering while inside the venue.
  • All officials should wear face coverings and/or shields during the match.
  • Officials should sanitize before and after each match.
  • A strict no handshake policy will be observed for customary wrestling-related activities such as pre-match and post-match handshakes between athletes, coaches and officials.
  • Everyone should practice proper hygiene, wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer, refrain from touching their face, refrain from spitting, and cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw tissue in the trash.
  • Public Service Announcements and other communication methods will be practiced during the event to ensure social distancing, personal hygiene and other mitigating infection procedures for the event.


After Event Procedures:

  • Please expect a survey via email after the event (7-14 days), in order to get data and information for COVID-19 signs and symptoms.