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2024 Womens National Duals

Westfield, IN

06/18/2024 - 06/22/2024

Event Venue

Grand Park Events Center
19000 Grand Park Blvd
Westfield, IN 46074

Event Director

Pat Culp


Dual Packet



2024 Dual Policies


Wrestlers must weigh-in AS A TEAM and not individually


  • One weigh-in for 14U and 16U National Duals is valid for both styles, so long as the wrestler actively competes in at least two matches in freestyle. Therefore, if you weighed in and actively competed in two freestyle matches, you do not need to weigh in again for greco-roman. Exhibition matches do not count toward this requirement. Wrestlers competing only in the second style of the tournament will weigh in the night before the competition. Wrestlers changing weight classes must make scratch weight.


  • There shall be no weight allowance at any weigh-in.


  • A wrestler may only go to a lower weight class provided he/she makes scratch weight. If a wrestler did not compete in two matches in the first style, he/she must make scratch weight. Forfeits count towards this total.


  • Weigh-ins for the second style of competition shall commence at the specified time or up to 3 hours after the completion of their last dual meet, whichever comes latest. The entire team must weigh in together, though the team can weigh in before the 3-hour time limit.


  • If an individual wishes to change weight classifications for the second style, he/she must weigh in again.


  • When extenuating circumstances prohibit a wrestler(s) from weighing in at the specified time, the tournament director and USA Wrestling Director of Events shall make the decisions of whether or not to allow weigh in to occur, provided the entire team weighs in together.


  • The actual weight of the athlete at the official weigh-in for each style shall establish the weight class of each wrestler competing in the National Duals and shall supersede any listed weight class previously submitted on the team roster. The actual weight of 14U/16U girls athletes competing in both styles is established during the first weigh-in unless the athlete weighs in again during the official weigh-in for the second style of competition. 


  • Wrestlers are eligible to wrestle in either the weight class they are eligible for by their exact body weight at the time of the official weigh-in or may opt for the next higher weight class. This policy also applies to moving up to the heaviest class.