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North Star Tournament

Anoka, MN


Event Venue

Anoka High School
3939 7th Ave
Anoka, MN 55303

Event Director

Matt Njos


Weigh-ins are from 7-8am on Sunday October 22nd with wrestling starting at 9am


All athletes must weigh-in wearing a competition singlet.  Athletes need to be present at weigh-ins during their designated weigh in time.  The athlete will be able to enter the weigh-in staging area where a changing area and check scale will be located.  Only wrestlers and event staff will be allowed in the weigh-in area, parents are to remain in the weigh-in staging area however, they will be able to visually see their wrestlers in the weigh-in area. No Coaches or parents will be allowed in the medical check or weigh-in area.  Athletes should confirm their weight on the check scale prior to entering the weigh-in area, once a wrestler enters the weigh-in area they will have a medical examination completed and proceed to have their weight taken and will not be allowed to leave and attempt to make weight at a later time. 

Wrestlers will have the opportunity to move up or down a weight class at the scale on the day of the event. There will be no weight allowance. 

The contestants will be weighed wearing their competition singlet or two piece uniform, (with under-briefs, and female athletes must wear age appropriate undergarment tops) after having been examined by qualified physicians who are obliged to eliminate any wrestler who presents any danger of contagious disease. For USAW competitions, the singlet worn to weigh-in must be an approved competition singlet/uniform without modification.

Contestants who choose to weigh-in in a two-piece uniform must weigh-in wearing shorts designed for wrestling, a suitable undergarment, and a tight fitting short sleeved shirt.  Contestants may weigh-in wearing a legal singlet and then choose to wrestle in a legal two-piece uniform.


No weight tolerance will be allowed for the singlet or two-piece uniform (for example a wrestler competing at 10U 77 lbs. must weigh-in at 77.0 or less).  Contestants must be in perfect physical condition, with their fingernails cut very short.  When presented at the scale the wrestler has the right (after two (2) attempts at the first scale) each in turn, to attempt to weigh in on all the official weigh-in scales. These attempts may be made one time only at each scale. No weight reduction methods of any kind can be made between attempts to make weight or in the weigh-in area, and once a wrestler enters the weigh-in area they are not allowed to leave and attempt to make weight at a later time.



Please see the MN/USA Wrestling skin condition form (can be found on our website:  Please note that a skin form signed by a physician can be overruled by the on-site tournament medical staff at the tournament based on disease activity.