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2024 USA Wrestling Kid's Folkstyle Nationals

Fort Wayne, IN

01/26/2024 - 01/28/2024

Event Venue

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
4000 Parnell Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Event Director

Christina Hargrove







2023-2024 Folkstyle Girls Rules: 

Step-out - Approved by 2023 USA Wrestling at Leaders’ Summit
Modification to Folkstyle Rules In the girls divisions at the Folkstyle Nationals and Folkstyle Tour of America events.


Step-out rule - there will be 1 point awarded if from a neutral position (with neither wrestler on the mat with one or two knees touching in a down position) the action goes out of bounds based on NFHS guidelines. All attempts by both wrestlers should be made to wrestle aggressively and in the center of the mat. The step-out point will be awarded to the opponent of the wrestler who goes out of bounds first with two or more supporting points. 


  • This rule differs from the NFHS rules for being “inbounds”. Once the step-out criteria is met the opponent will be awarded 1 point. If there is a step-out by the defensive wrestler and the offensive wrestler immediately completes a scoring action, that action will be scored the step-out point will NOT be scored. The official should not sound the whistle for the step-out and allow the offensive action to score. 
  • Once the wrestler steps out of bounds with two supporting points, that wrestler cannot return from out of bounds to score points. The whistle will sound and 1 point is awarded to the opponent and wrestling will resume in the middle of the mat.
  • If the defensive wrestler leaves the mat under attack to avoid being scored on, the step-out point will be scored plus 1 point for fleeing the mat.
  • If the offensive wrestler uses a straight arm “push-out”, the opponent is NOT penalized. This is considered stalling under the NFHS rules and should be penalized accordingly.
  • If the defensive wrestler stands in an attempt to gain and escape point, is driven out of bounds, without gaining an escape point, there will NOT be a step out point awarded. (Neutral wrestling was not established)
  • If the defensive wrestler stands, is awarded the escape point, and then steps out of bounds, the step out point will be awarded.
  • Step outs points are recorded “SO-1” in a scorebook and will be a “+1” in Trackwrestling. Step out points are NOT to be considered penalty points.



Approved as of the  2023 USA Wrestling Board of Director’s  National Convention: 

  • Participation at Regional & National Championships When both regional and/or national championships are offered to both genders in the same style(s) in Junior and 16U, wrestlers shall only be allowed to compete in the division of his/her gender.
  • Participation at Regional & National Championships When both regional and/or national championships are offered to both genders in the same style(s) in 14U and below, wrestlers shall only be allowed to compete in the division of his/her gender. 






Double-elimination line-bracketing with complete wrestle-backs to eighth (8th) place for the ALL divisions


USA Wrestling Performance Index (PIN): Separation used for all brackets. Click here for more information about PIN 

  • The USA Wrestling Performance Index (PIN) measures consistency over time and rates the probability of a person winning against an opponent based on their bodies of work.
  • A person with a higher PIN is considered more likely to beat someone with a lower PIN and the closer the PINs are the closer the probability gets to 50/50 chances.
  • This does not reward the one time win or head-to-head over an opponent; what it does is rewards consistency over time. If you consistently beat people with higher PINs, you will gain PIN points to surpass them in index given that you do not lose to lesser competition along the way.




BRACKET CHANGES MUST BE MADE UP UNTIL 1 HOUR PRIOR TO THE START OF THE WRESTLING SESSION.  Please contact the tournament director with any issues (ie: wrestler missing from bracket or incorrect weight) by email at least 2 HOURS PRIOR to the start of the wrestling session or please come to the head table. 




National Federation of State High School Association scoring rules with USA Wrestling modifications will govern the competition. These USA Wrestling modifications include the following:

  • Headgear is not required for wrestlers 14U and younger.
  • Mouth guards are not required for wrestlers (even wrestlers with braces)
  • Rest time in between matches is a minimum of 15 minutes
  • A match can be started when a wrestler does not have a coach
  • The three-quarter nelson with leg hook IS legal in USAW Folkstyle Events


USA Wrestling rules governing ages, weights and match time will take precedence where applicable.



Click Here for USA Wrestling Rulebook