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2023 Bill Farrell Memorial International

New York, NY

11/17/2023 - 11/18/2023

Event Venue

New York Athletic Club
180 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019

Event Director

Pete Isais





ONLY UWW approved competition uniforms will be accepted.




Women’s Singlet Requirement: 

For any regional, national, or international competitions held within the United States, female competitors must wear a women’s cut singlet. 



Predominantly red or predominantly blue singlets are allowed, as well as singlets mimicking the UWW color scheme. If a singlet is mimicking the UWW color scheme, the following criteria must be met: 

The dominant color of blue singletsshall be comprised of one of the following: black, blue, green, grey, purple or silver. 

Thedominant color of red singletsshall be comprised of one of the following: white, orange, pink, red, yellow, brown or gold. 




All state singlets shall have a total of three (3) markings consisting of: 

  • Two 7 cm bands, one on each leg, shall be positioned across the bottom edge of the leg. For clear distinction, the marking shall cover the circumference of the leg. 

  • One 7 cm band positioned on the backside of the upper torso. The band shall be exclusively placed on the back half of the singlet (not visible on the front half). 

  • The three markings must remain untouched from any graphic, logo or third party identification. 


The red markings shall be Pantone 2347C and blue markings shall be Pantone 299C.