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2023 Senior World Team Trials Challenge

Colorado Springs, CO

05/20/2023 - 05/21/2023

Event Venue

Discovery Canyon High School
1810 North Gate Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Event Director

Christina Hargrove

Predominantly red or predominantly blue singlets are allowed, as well as singlets mimicking the UWW color scheme. If a singlet is mimicking the UWW color scheme, the following criteria must be met:


The dominant color of blue singlets shall be comprised of one of the following: black, blue, green, grey, purple or silver.


The dominant color of red singlets shall be comprised of one of the following: white, orange, pink, red, yellow, brown or gold.


All state singlets shall have a total of three (3) markings consisting of:

  • Two 7 cm bands, one on each leg, shall be positioned across the bottom edge of the leg. For clear distinction, the marking shall cover the circumference of the leg.
  • One 7 cm band positioned on the backside of the upper torso. The band shall be exclusively placed on the back half of the singlet (not visible on the front half).
  • The three markings must remain untouched from any graphic, logo or third party identification.


The red markings shall be Pantone 2347C and blue markings shall be Pantone 299C.