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2022 USAW Northwest 16U and Junior Regionals

Centralia, WA

03/25/2022 - 03/27/2022

Automatic Qualifier – Junior & 16U Nationals

For any automatic qualifier based on placement at a national championships, the same shall hold

true for any World/Olympic Team Trials.


Participation – Junior & 16U Nationals

State teams shall be limited to four (4) wrestlers per age per style per weight class. Wrestlers who

earn automatic qualifier status shall not count against any limit.

Note: This proposal does not impact number of participants per state in the Girls divisions, as there are currently no limits for roster size

Eligibility at Kids Nationals

In order to be eligible for Kids Nationals, one must compete in any regional or obtain a waiver to compete from his/her state chairperson.

Weight at Kids Nationals

At Kids Nationals, provided a wrestler has qualified for Kids Nationals or been granted a waiver to compete, he/she may not compete lower than the lowest weight weighed in at any regional, minus one weight class.

Contestants are randomly drawn by computer. Wrestlers from the same state will be separated. One (1) pool will be used for brackets with fewer than six (6) competitors and two (2) pools will be employed if there are six (6) or more entrants in any given weight class.


Tie-Breaker Criteria:
In the event of a tie between two or more participants in a round-robin, the following criteria shall be used to break the tie:

1. If two participants are tied, the head-to-head outcome will determine highest placer.
2. Cumulative activity points (2 pts: Fall, Inj. Default, Forfeit, WBD; 1.5 pts: Technical Fall; 1 pt: Major decision).
3. Most pins.
4. Most technical falls.
5. Fastest time of falls (cumulative).
6. Fastest time of technical falls (cumulative).
7. Most match points.
8. Lowest contestant weight.