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Mat And Pairings Officials

The United States Wrestling Officials Association is the largest amateur wrestling officials organization in the world. With near 2500 members our officials participate in more than 50 national and regional tournaments each year in conjunction with USAW. Our mat officials have officiated internationally around the world from Siberia to Tehran to Havana to New Delhi. They are respected and well received in every country they are participating.

Our organization has a working Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy and Procedures that are followed and updated to meet the needs of our membership. With an Executive Board of 14 members, the business of running this organization from scheduling, to mat and pairings evaluations is in itself a large task. The Executive Board also deals with evaluations of our officials based on their performance.

Each level of officiating, mat or pairing, brings with it more responsibilities to maintain a members particular category. As USAW continues to grow, so does the USWOA. As an umbrella organization that participates within USAW, we are all seeking the same goals. We want the United States to have the best wrestlers in the world and the best officials.

Prior to all regional and national events, a clinic to review rules or procedures is held. Questions and situations are discussed along with the presentation of a situation video tape that is used as a teaching and testing tool.

With the help of USAW the USWOA has received many honors and perks each year. Certain tournaments provide free housing and food as well as social gatherings following the event. The season concludes in July with the National Junior and Cadet National Championships. The past few years this event has been held at the Fargo Dome in Fargo, ND. The competition is held in an indoor football arena with 24 mats in use, over 150 mat officials, 75 pairing officials and over 2000 competitors. This national event is held in conjunction with the National Convention held over an eight day period. Almost every state in the country is represented with fierce competition contested in freestyle and the classic Greco-Roman style of wrestling.

If your interest is wrestling, either as an ex-competitor, coach, parent, or sports enthusiast, we welcome you to join our organization and be a part of the largest and best officials organization in the world.