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Cannon Falls MN/USA Folkstyle Qualifier

Cannon Falls, MN


Event Venue

Cannon Falls High School
820 E Minnesota St
Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Event Director

Marcus Beer


• We will NOT be doing a full-blown on-site weigh-in of every wrestler.

• We will use the weight that the parents signed their wrestler up at during registration to

pre-build all the brackets. We are using the “Honor System” with parents to correctly

select their wrestlers’ weight class.

• We will be doing random weight audits of several bracket each session.

• During check-in, selected wrestlers will be sent over to weight audit. Their weight needs

to be within 3% of whatever weight their parents pre-registered them at. For example,

if the parent pre-registered their wrestler at 50lbs, their wrestler can weigh no more

than 51.5lbs.

• If a wrestler is over-weight, the parent and wrestler must report to the head table

immediately. The wrestler will then be removed from the tournament and no refund

will be given.