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MN/USA Wrestling SMSU Freestyle/Greco Combo

Marshall, MN


Event Venue

Red Baron Arena & Expo
1651 Victory Dr
Marshall, MN 56258

Event Director

Matt Njos

*Note – All wrestlers must check-in as they enter the building, even if they are wrestling in a later session. Athletes registered for both styles will check-in for both styles during Greco-Roman check-in.

WEIGH-IN’S & WEIGHT AUDIT • We will NOT be doing a full-blown on-site weigh-in of every wrestler. • We will use the weight that the parents signed their wrestler up at during registration to prebuild all the brackets. We are using the “Honor System” with parents to correctly select their wrestlers’ weight class. • We will be doing random weight audits of several bracket each session. • During check-in, selected wrestlers will be sent over to weight audit. Their weight needs to be with in 3% of whatever weight their parents pre-registered them at. For example, if the parent pre-registered their wrestler at 50lbs, their wrestler can weigh no more than 51.5lbs. • If a wrestler is over-weight, the parent and wrestler must report to the head table immediately. The wrestler will then be removed from the tournament and no refund will be given.