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2023 MN/USA Folkstyle State Tournament

Rochester, MN

03/16/2023 - 03/19/2023

Event Venue

Mayo Civic Center
30 Civic Center Dr SE
Rochester, MN 55904

Event Director

Matt Njos

The rules of Minnesota State High School Wrestling with current USA Wrestling modifications where applicable will govern the event and the competition. 

Challenges: We will utilize a video challenge system for all age divisions. Any coach desiring to challenge a call should throw their challenge block onto the mat to signal a challenge promptly after the scoring sequence is scored (generally 5-7 seconds after the scoring sequence is posted on the scoreboard). Only coaches with the “Coaches Band” are allowed to submit a challenge. Any challenge which is which is not scored in favor of the challenging wrestler shall be considered a lost challenge which will result in one point being added to the score of the opposing wrestler and no further challenges can be made on behalf of this wrestler for the remainder of this match. A coach is able to challenge on behalf of this wrestler again in subsequent matches.