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2023 16U National Duals

Loves Park, IL

06/06/2023 - 06/10/2023

Event Venue

Mercyhealth Sportscore Two
8800 E Riverside Blvd
Loves Park, IL 61111

Event Director

Mike Urwin




1. Registration Form 2. Name of official(s) from your state or $500 per team per style. 3. Name of your table / scorekeeper worker. 

Note: Each state association entered in the National Duals must supply a minimum of one mat official for each style in which the state association is competing. If a state association does not provide one mat official per team, a fee of $500 will be assessed at registration for each official that is not provided, for a maximum fee of $1000 due before a team will be allowed to register (Dual Rules available on-line). 




Athlete information should be entered in the USAW Membership system prior 1:00 PM on June 7

a. Roster verification Greco-Roman: Wednesday, June 7 at 6:00 PM – The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center head table.


b. Roster verification Freestyle (only): Thursday, June 8 at 4:30 PM – The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center head table.


c. Teams will be entered and verified through USAW


d. All teams participating in the Duals must register USAW


e. Draw numbers for each team will be pulled at the time of roster verification for each event.


f. Coaches’ Passes: Maximum of four per team.
i. Coaches must have a current USA Wrestling Card and a Bronze-Level Coaching Certification (must be presented at registration).
ii. Team Leader Passes: One Team Leader pass will be issued per state. Team Leader must have a current background and SafeSport completed.

g. All State teams must provide one official and a scorekeeper




In effect immediately, USA Wrestling events will follow the 2022 UWW Rule changes for Freestyle and Greco-Roman. All Regional/National events will follow these rules and policies.



2022 Regional/National Rules Modifications


1. If an athlete flees the mat during an attack and the offensive wrestler finishes his/her takedown or other scoring maneuver, the offensive wrestler will score the takedown/scoring maneuver (2, 4, or 5 points)  PLUS caution to his/her opponent and one more point (2, 4, 5 + 1).  Match will restart in PAR TERRE.  This rule applies to all styles.


2. If an athlete flees the mat during an attack and the offensive wrestler is unable to finish his/her attack, the offensive wrestler will score the step out (1 point) PLUS caution to his/her opponent and one more point (1 + 1).  Match will restart STANDING.  This rule applies to all styles.


3. If an athlete flees the mat in par terre, caution to the defensive wrestler and his/her opponent receives one point.  Athletes will restart in par terre. -- If an athlete flees in danger, caution to the defensive wrestler plus two points to the offensive wrestler, restart par terre (no change from previous rules).


4. Par Terre Starting Position:  Match will start once the offensive athlete places hands on any part of the back.


5. If an athlete is put on activity time and does not score, the active wrestler will get one point on top of any points he/she scores in activity time.  The passive athlete on activity time must score in that 30 seconds or their opponent will receive one point.  The point will be awarded without stopping the match.


6. In the 14U and younger, U15, 16U, U17 and Veteran age categories, no verbal warning for inactivity will be given due to the shortened periods.  The first stoppage in the match for passivity will go directly to activity time. 


7. All Masters age categories will wrestle 2-minute periods.


8. In a fall situation where the defensive athlete nearly has his/her shoulders to the mat and screams to simulate an injury and a reason for this potential injury is not observed, the refereeing team is obligated to call a fall, with mat chairman approval.


9. Headgear is not required for wrestlers.  A distinguishable shade of red or blue is acceptable singlet.


10. Double arm bar with sit-out, three quarter nelson w/leg hook and west point ride (iron cross/cross chest cradle) maneuvers are now LEGAL in all age divisions.


11. Technical superiority in GR will now be 8 points across ALL age divisions.


12. Kickbacks are legal in FS, assuming the offensive wrestler does not use undue force against the defensive wrestler’s knee.  This has always been legal.


13. In Greco the offensive wrestler DOES NOT have to accompany his opponent to the mat during a throw or action in order to score points.


14. Mouth guards are not required for wrestlers (even wrestlers with braces) but recommended


15. Rest time in between matches is a minimum of 15 minutes


16. A match can be started when a wrestler does not have a coach


USA Wrestling rules governing ages, weights and match time will take precedence where applicable. USA Wrestling Protest Procedures will govern all challenges, and where available video review will be used to aid in the decision making process.