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2021 Northern Plains Regional Championships

Wisconsin Dells, WI

05/14/2021 - 05/16/2021

Contestants are randomly drawn by computer. Wrestlers from the same state will be separated.


Double-elimination line-bracketing with complete wrestle-backs to sixth  (6th) place for all divisions and styles. Brackets with five (5) or less will use a round robin system.

Tie-Breaker Criteria:
In the event of a tie between two or more participants in a round-robin, the following criteria shall be used to break the tie:
1. If two participants are tied, the head-to-head outcome will determine highest placer.
2. Cumulative activity points (2 pts: Fall, Inj. Default, Forfeit, WBD; 1.5 pts: Technical Fall; 1 pt: Major decision).
3. Most pins.
4. Most technical falls.
5. Fastest time of falls (cumulative).
6. Fastest time of technical falls (cumulative).
7. Most match points.
8. Lowest contestant weight.