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2020 Salt Lake Slam USAW Tour of America

Farmington, UT

01/03/2020 - 01/04/2020

Salt Lake Slam

Registration, Medical Check & Weigh-ins
(Legacy Event Center or approved Satellite Locations)

Thursday - Jan 2, 2020

True Beginner Weigh-ins Only 5 PM - 7 PM (either at venue or with USA Leadership Cardholder).

Friday - Jan 3, 2020

Main Event Weigh-ins: 5 PM- 7 PM (either at venue or approved satellite weigh-in location. Satellite weigh-in locations must apply and be approved by tournament director.)

If you are registered for both the True Beginner and Experienced bracket you will need to weigh-in again for the experienced brackets on Friday evening.

No admission will be charged for true beginner event on Friday.


Weigh-in for Clash Duals will count for Salt Lake Slam. Weight classes may differ. Please make sure that your Clash Duals weight is on or under the weight you plan to wrestle for the Salt Lake Slam. If not you can re-weigh during this weigh-in time


Competition Schedule 

Friday - Jan 3, 2020

  • 4:00pm - Conclusion: 6U , TB 8U & TB 10U
  • 6:00pm - Conclusion: TB 12U & TB Middle School


Saturday- Jan 4, 2020

  • 9:00am - Conclusion: Middle School & 8U & Girls
  • 1:00pm - Conclusion: 12U & 10U