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Halloween Spookfest @ Temecula Valley

Temecula, CA


Event Venue

Temecula Valley High School
31555 Rancho Vista Rd
Temecula, CA 92592

Event Director

Lyndon Campbell

Halloween Spookfest @ Temecula Valley High School

Date: 10/1/22

Location: Temecula Valley High School

Address: 31555 Rancho Vista Rd, Temecula, CA 92592

Welcome to the Halloween Spookfest at Temecula Valley High School.  There will be two sessions. All sessions will be Folkstyle wrestling.  The first session will be Kids and Junior Varsity - Girls and Boys.  The second session will be Folkstyle for Varsity - Girls and Boys.  Each division will cost $25 to register on Track Wrestling. Please enter exact your exact weight, which will be used for the tournament.  We will spot check wrestlers when they check in before the tournament.  You must be close to your weight.  There is no weight allowance.   Walk-ups will be charged $40 the day of tournament!   Search: Halloween Spookfest @ Temecula Valley on track wrestling to pre-register.  You will be able to wrestle two divisions or weights, unless you were a Varsity wrestler, then you should wrestle Varsity only. The snack bar will be available. All weights that do not have enough entries will be pooled.

Pre-Registration Link:

First Session: (9:00 am - 1:00pm) – All Kids & Junior Varsity - Girls and Boys

Kids Folkstyle:

 Girls & Boys 8U (Born 2015-2016) Weight Classes: 43,45,49,53,56,62,70,85

Girls & Boys 10U (Born 2013 - 2014) Weight Classes: 49,53,56,59,63,67,71,77,84,93,120

Girls & Boys 12U (Born 2011 - 2012) Weight Classes: 58,63,67,70,74,78,82,86,92,98,108,117,135,160

Girls & Boys 14U (Born 2009 - 2010) Weight Classes:


Junior Varsity Girls:  101,106,111,116,121,126,131,137,143,150,160,170,189,235

Junior Varsity Boys:  Weight Classes: 106,113,120,126,132,138,145,152,160,170,182,195,220,285

Second Session: (2:00 pm - until completion) – All Varsity Girls & Boys

Varsity Girls:  101,106,111,116,121,126,131,137,143,150,160,170,189,235

Varsity Boys:  Weight Classes: 106,113,120,126,132,138,145,152,160,170,182,195,220,285

*All times are approximate.